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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Silverheels


Hartsel, Colorado – South Park Telephone announced that it has completed the construction of a fiber network in the Silverheels subdivision and is now ready to cut customers over to GIG-enabled fiber fast services. South Park Telephone completed the project in partnership with Silverheels Ranch Owners Association (SROA) and utilized a grant awarded by the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Broadband Fund. This collaboration allowed South Park to extend its network to bring cutting-edge fiber internet technology to an unserved rural area in Park County.

“In our rural area, we have limited options when it comes to internet. The satellite internet service providers that are available, offer spotty internet service, poor customer service and limited capabilities to keep up with the current customer base,” commented Jackie Burghardt, SROA Board President.  “Residents were tired of the ongoing internet issues and I decided to investigate other options that were available to us in the area. This is when I met with South Park Telephone’s General Manager, David Shipley, and discussed the possibility of bringing fiber internet to the Silverheels area. Together, we canvased the neighborhood — getting everyone excited about the possibility of getting faster internet speeds to our neighborhood. We were thrilled when South Park Telephone helped with the entire grant process with the State.”

Burghardt added, “Since the FTTH expansion, new homeowners have moved into our rural area because of the broadband capabilities now available. Overall South Park Telephone has been wonderful to work with and has made the FTTH process a positive one to happen in the Silverheels area. We look forward to working with South Park Telephone and enjoying the fiber fast internet services they provide.”

“Bringing GIG fiber broadband speeds to an area that has struggled with connectivity, especially during these times, has been very rewarding for South Park Telephone,” commented Deb Rand, South Park Telephone President. “The unique nature of this effort, which utilized a combination of Colorado Broadband Grant funds and a collaboration between Silverheels Ranch Owners Association (SROA) , the community and a sustainable-reputable broadband provider like South Park Telephone, allowed us to leverage existing infrastructure to bring the best in broadband technologies to this part of rural Park County in a fiscally responsible way.”

The benefits of this expansion include:

  • Faster and more reliable internet service to the rural community of Silverheels.
  • The opportunity to keep those who are remote working or distance learning to stay connected during unprecedented times.
  • Improve access to health care, e-commerce, and other online services.
  • Spur economic development and innovation while enhancing the quality of life.

About South Park Telephone: South Park Telephone (SPT), a USConnect Company, is a well-established communications provider servicing the Park County community for over 20 years. SPT provides a suite of communication services including fiber internet, local telephone, long distance, security and managed IT services.