Fiber to the Home in Mill Iron

What Exactly is Fiber?

Fiber is the best option for internet access. It’s like having a dedicated roadway between your house and your service provider’s network. It supports much higher speeds, it doesn’t suffer from distance limitations, and it’s not directly shared with others in your neighborhood. The private network installed to your home makes fiber optic internet more secure, reliable and fast.

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More Bandwidth

FiberStream utilizes fiber optic technology and allows for substantially higher download and upload speeds than a traditional copper wire (twisted pair) network.

Greater Reliability

FiberStream transmits data via a series of light waves (pulses) and is far less susceptible to electromagnetic interference and interruptions caused by inclement weather associated with conventional copper wire.

Future Flexibility

FiberStream is considered the purest form of data transmission and provides the foundation to deliver advanced services well into the future.


FiberStream delivers a point to point connection via light waves and provides an additional layer of security due to the ability to rapidly detect errors in the light levels and investigate for breaches in your network.

Boost Home Value

According to a study by the Fiber to the Home Council Americas (FTTH), adding fiber optic to your home can increase the value by more than 3%. That’s the same as adding a half bath, without the messy renovation.